... "I think that the comparison to Harley and Corvette epitomizes not only design but also sound. The amp’s absolute universality makes you and only you decide whether you prefer graceful drive on a Harley without helmet or making the tires scream on a hot rod Corvette. In reality, this means that you can use the amp with a pre-amp set to a velvet clean, round sound to play jazz ballads or on the opposite end of the spectrum, turn gain all the way to the right to adjust your listeners’ hairstyle with acoustic pressure. In my opinion, the all-tube design and variability of controls are of the biggest benefit to the player and the sound. You get a very energetic, warm, sufficiently brilliant sound without sacrificing the ever-so important dynamics. The 5881/6L6WGC tubes give you a colorful American sound with a lot of bass and enough harmonics." Tomislav Zvardoň & Jiří Peša, Muzikus magazine