Our rack mounted all-tube power amp, the TWIN FIFTY, features two independent 50 Watt versions of the power stage coming straight from our best and most reputable guitar amp to date – the RAPTOR® III, preserving every nuance of the fabulous tone of its origin – and it all in a compact 19” package.

Now you can exploit the delicious sound qualities of the master and enhance the overall tone of your own rig, regardless of where your sound originates from – be it a quality tube preamp, digital tube simulator or anything else. In any case, you will always appreciate the TWIN FIFTY’s brilliant, strong, dynamic, but still extremely natural tube sound.

As is the case with our other products, this amp is built according to our exacting demands. It is mounted in a black, heavy duty iron chassis and is fan-cooled. The tubes stand vertically, helping to prolong their life and to enhance their durability. Additionally, the bulk of the controls (including the power tube fuses) are front panel mounted for convenient access. 

Feature highlights

  • State-of-the-art all-tube circuitry;
  • Twin channel, 2x50 Watts of tube power courtesy of two pairs of 6L6s (EL34s upon request);
  • Independent STANDBY switch on each channel for safe, failure-free operation;
  • Independent GAIN controls per channel;
  • Dedicated PRESENCE and RESONANCE controls lets you to set each channel‘s top and bottom ends independently;
  • Dual mono operation lets you utilize the full 2x50W power even with mono signal sources;
  • Each channel‘s power tube fuse including FUSE FAIL indicator on front panel for easy operation;
  • MONO/STEREO inputs;
  • 4 (2x8), 8 (2x16) & 16 Ohm five speaker outputs per channel lets you to connect any speaker or speaker combination desired;
  • Fan-cooled;
  • 19”, 3U design;
  • Rugged construction – 1.5mm metal chassis, brushed stainless steel front panel, three-layer metal front panel design, custom compound cast metal logo and black nickel plated brass knobs.