Built upon twenty years experience in tube guitar amp design and manufacturing, the RAPTOR® III is our flagship amp – our newest and most feature-rich to date – and it truly delivers. As the head of the RAPTOR® family of all-tube heads, this amp features everything the modern guitar player needs - and even more.

When we designed this amp, we sought to address the factors which we consider to be the most important for the majority of guitar players – sound, versatility, solid build quality, appearance and ease of use. With this idea in mind, combined with our legendary “no compromises” approach, it’s no wonder that we ended up creating a product which truly stands out from the rest of the crowd in all areas.

Feature highlights

  • State-of-the-art all-tube circuitry – built upon our latest developments in guitar tube circuits combined with classic, time-proven designs;
  • Three channel, six 12AX7 hi-gain design;
  • Separate 3-band EQ section (BASS, MIDRANGE, TREBLE) for each channel lets you adjust each channel’s sound precisely, without any shared-EQ restrictions;
  • Separate VOLUME control for each channel for easy setup;
  • CLEAN channel’s fully independent circuitry allows you to fully utilise this channel’s real-clean dynamic headroom without any shared circuitry sonic limitations;
  • Eleven TONE PRESETS modes (three on CLEAN, RHYTHM & POWER AMP section plus the LEAD’s two sections) lets you to create your own delicate tone;
  • CLEAN channel’s BRIGHT switch lets you to add sparkle to the tone;
  • Two independent switchable MASTERs with activity indicators allows you to set two discrete overall output levels;
  • LEAD channel’s independent PRESENCE control lets you to roll off highs for smoother, more pleasant soloing;
  • Bypassable, channel assignable, remote ready, tube driven serial FX LOOP equipped with variable, independent SEND and RETURN levels lets you not only combine this amp with any effect that you like, but also to change the colouring of the sound even when no effect is in use. In addition, the dedicated LED indicator on front panel informs you about loop’s on/off status;
  • Manual channel switch on front panel for easy operation;
  • EXTERNAL SWITCHING jacks allows you to operate all of the amp’s basic functions (CLEAN, RHYTHM, LEAD, MASTER A/B & FX LOOP) remotely via any simple switch, MIDI driven switcher or similar switching device;
  • Dedicated 6 button Digital foot controller (model FS-6D, sold separately) lets you operate the amp seamlessly over three-pin, locked, XLR-equipped, fully detachable regular symmetric wire – you don’t need to worry about cracking multiwires or shaky DIN / PC connectors anymore;
  • Unique possibility to combine all types of switching options in the same time for maximum usability;
  • Variable POWER AMP OPERATION selectors allows you to lower the default 100W output power (courtesy of quad of 6L6s (standard) or EL34s (upon request) to 50W (two ways) or up to 25W when needed. You can even experiment with the settings as each one has its own unique sonic characteristics. All power tubes are engaged, regardless of which output mode is selected, so the output transformer is still ideally loaded, resulting in the best sound quality even at lower volume;
  • 4 (2x8), 8 (2x16) & 16 Ohm five speaker outputs lets you to connect any speaker desired;
  • Both pairs of the power tubes fused independently for increased reliability and usability;
  • Variable SLAVE OUT direct power stage output lets you to connect the amp to any other power amp when the higher power is desired;
  • Digital control logic circuitry makes the usage of the amp as simple as possible;
  • MAINS VOLTAGE SELECTOR lets you set the operating voltage (115/230VAC) with the flip of a switch;
  • Rugged construction – premium birch ply cabinets, nickel-plated 1.5mm thick chassis with brushed stainless steel panels and air vents, three-layer metal front panel design, black buffalo style cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering, custom compound cast metal logo and black nickel-plated brass knobs all makes this amp a true showpiece. 

But there is more. Given its extremely natural dynamics, it’s the amp’s feel that makes this amplifier truly extraordinary for whatever music you play – be it shimmering, sparkling clean tone, medium-distorted British style crunch or modern, fully saturated American over-the-top hi-gain lead voicing. Additionally, a wide variety of tones are possible thanks to variable tonal characteristics of each of the three carefully-tuned channels and the uncompromising all-tube design. For example, CLEAN channel’s HOT mode allows you to easily overdrive even this channel, resulting in the sound the great old tube amps of late sixties are known for. In another example, you can boost the already strong bottom end of the amp to even more insane levels using the POWER AMP TONE PRESET switch’s FAT or DEEP modes. You can set the amp as you wish, and you will always appreciate the amp’s responsiveness and sonic naturalness.

However, if you are really looking for the best and you would like to fully take advantage of this amp’s fabulous tone, it is absolutely necessary to combine it with a highest quality guitar box – or even better, with the box specifically tuned right for this amp. That’s why we strongly recommend to match this amplifier with our best-in-class GX412-280HX or GX412-280LX 4x12” guitar enclosure(s) for ideal performance, creating a real guitar powerhouse.

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