This all-tube amplifier shares all the features and sonic characteristics with it’s bigger brother, the HG 100/2 MkII amp, including the same circuit enhancements, but is equipped with a single pair of power tubes resulting in 50 Watts of tube power.

With its brilliant, shimmering CLEAN and fully saturated, American modern hi-gain OVERDRIVE, combined with easier-to-crank-up 50W power stage, this affordable amp is an ideal solution for any venue where great tone is desired but where more than 50 Watts of output would be overkill.

Feature highlights

  • Dual channel, six 12AX7 hi-gain design with separate EQ section for each channel;
  • CLEAN channel’s fully independent circuitry allows you to fully utilise the channel’s clean dynamic headroom without any shared circuitry sonic limitations;
  • CLEAN channel’s BRIGHT switch lets you to add sparkle to the tone;
  • OVERDRIVE channel’s MID SHIFT switch allows you to boost the channel’s mids if needed;
  • Tube driven, footswitchable, serial FX LOOP lets you to combine this amp with any effects that you like;
  • PRESENCE and RESONANCE controls allows you to set the amp’s overall top and bottom ends independently;
  • Manual channel switch on front panel for easy operation;
  • Dedicated 2 button foot controller (model FS-02, included) lets you remotely switch between channels and to activate/deactivate the FX LOOP;
  • 50 Watts of tube power courtesy of a pair of 6L6s (EL34s upon request);
  • 16 & 8 (2x16) Ohm three speaker outputs (4 Ohm output upon request);
  • Rugged construction – birch ply box, nickel plated 1.5mm main chassis and air vents, two-layer metal front & rear panel design, black buffalo style cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering, custom compound cast metal logo and gloss, chrome plated brass knobs.

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