GX 412-280LX

„Hundreds of venues and still sounding great.
Boxes don’t get any better than this!"
Katka Ryšavá, Gaia Mesiah

Designed as a complementary twin to our best-in-class GX 412-280HX guitar enclosure, the straight baffle GX 412-280LX allows you to create a full stack of ultimate tone.

As with its angled brother, it is equipped with a quad of the world’s most reputable speakers to date – the CELESTION Vintage 30. It has a big tone with pronounced, deep bottom end, round, custom mids and smooth, harmonic highs as a result of the enclosure’s specially tuned, taller than usual box, a careful selection of build materials and our high quality craftsmanship. And of course all other important features of its twin have been preserved too - the industry standard STEREO/MONO operation, inset metallic powder coated, recessed steel handles and quality casters, lending it a solid, modern high-end look.

Feature highlights

  • Straight, slightly slanted baffle;
  • Equipped with 4 CELESTION Vintage 30 speakers;
  • 280 Watts/16 Ohm MONO or 2x140 Watts/ 2x8 Ohm STEREO operation;
  • Easy setup due to its intuitive three-socket jack plate design;
  • Premium birch ply & others custom construction 820mm tall, closed back cabinet;
  • Black buffalo style cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering;
  • Black, heavy duty mesh grille;
  • Large, inset, metallic powder coated recessed steel side handles;
  • Four castor dishes;
  • Nickel plated corners & fittings;
  • Four 50mm, double bearing quality casters;
  • Brushed custom compound cast metal logo;
  • Black piping.


Enclosure model GX412-280LX
Type 4x12“ enhanced
Shape Straight
Solid wood baffle/ported • / -
Back Closed
Speakers CEL V’30
Power (Watts) 280
Impedance (Ohm) 16/ 2x8
Stereo operation ready
2“ Casters
Black buffalo covering
Nickel plated hardware
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 760x830x365*
Weight (kg) 46,8

* Add 70mm to height for casters

Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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