GX 412-100L

This straight baffle, standard shape enclosure is designed as a complementary twin to our GX 412-100H model, allowing you to create a full stack of great tone.

As with its angled twin, this enclosure houses a quad of CELESTION “Greenbacks” and has very a natural, “wooden” sound with strong, tight bass, pronounced higher mids and aggressive highs. Together with their very fast response and great attack, these speakers do not need huge amounts of wattage to reach their potential (even with their relatively low power handling of 25 Watts) – this makes them a great choice for every player who likes the Greenback’s brilliant, distinctive tone paired with a lower power amplifier.

Feature highlights

  • Angled baffle;
  • Equipped with 4 CELESTION G12M 25 “Greenbacks”;
  • 100 Watts/16 Ohm MONO or 2x50 Watts/ 2x8 Ohm STEREO operation;
  • Easy setup due to its intuitive three-socket jack plate design;
  • Premium birch ply & others custom construction, closed back cabinet;
  • Black buffalo style cloth-backed heavy vinyl covering;
  • Black, heavy duty mesh grille;
  • Inset, metallic powder-coated recessed steel side handles;
  • Metallic powder coated recessed steel top plates for increased scratch prevention;
  • Nickel plated corners & fittings;
  • Four 50mm, double bearing quality casters;
  • Brushed, custom compound cast metal logo;
  • Black piping.


Enclosure model GX412-100L
Type 4x12“
Shape Straight
Solid wood baffle/ported - / -
Back Closed
Speakers CEL G12M25
Power (Watts) 100
Impedance (Ohm) 16/ 2x8
Stereo operation ready
2“ Casters
Black buffalo covering
Nickel plated hardware
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 760x755x365*
Weight (kg) 40,4

* Add 70mm to height for casters
Note: Due to continuous development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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